Tasliman Mansion


Talisman Mansion

Talisman is a desert self-sufficient mansion. This one-of-a-kind project, which was conceived as an oasis deep in the desert, combines futuristic design and an environmentally friendly and sustainable approach.

Localisation : Middle East

Projet Type : Construction

Area : 2000 m2

Land : 5 acres

For the exteriors, the architects drew inspiration from lithotherapy and designed the structure of the project to resemble a jewel.

The general shape of the futuristic construction could be described as a ring of pearls delicately placed on three sand dunes. The pearls gravitate around the structural ring like planets, filtering direct sunlight by redistributing the light into the sand dunes while simultaneously providing shade for the exterior terraces. 

The center of the ring forms an oasis of vegetation with a calm and serene feel provided by plants and water features (waterfalls, ponds, swimming pool). The combination of water, vegetation and shade naturally lowers temperatures to provide ideal living conditions. Everything is designed as an intelligent ecosystem that naturally regulates and reduces temperatures to facilitate life in the desert. Our watchwords throughout this project were peace, harmony, wisdom and self-sufficiency.