Villa Ketamine


Villa Ketamine

Villa Ketamine is a modern construction that dominates the heights of Cannes. Its unusual exterior is exclusively made up of concrete and glass giving it a minimalist look. The concrete contributes both to the robustness and the aesthetic uniqueness of the construction, while providing privacy. On the upper level, a cantilever stretches over four meters. Throughout the project, our ambition was to create a feeling of continuity between the inside and outside spaces. 

Localisation : Cannes – France

Projet Type : Construction

Area : 450 sqm

Land : 2000 sqm

On the south facing side, a series of bay windows extends over both levels offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. On the top floor, this theme of transparency continues in the extension of the cantilever, where the master bedroom is located, followed by two guest bedrooms. On the first floor, a skylight is completed by a series of cubic openings cut into the cement in the corridors and stairwell, which are strategically dotted across the rear and side façades to bring natural light into the bathrooms and hallways while preserving the privacy of these spaces. On the ground floor, three sliding glazed bay windows stretch across eleven meters, like a glass curtain which, when opened, disappears completely into the walls so the interior and the exterior become one, seamlessly linking the guest bedroom, living room, and kitchen areas. Another glass wall in the living room creates a crossing space, allowing the room to be bathed in natural light. 

The raw concrete of the interior walls echoes the minimalism of the exteriors, with warmth provided using materials such as oak and stone, as well as elegant contemporary furniture. In the garden, centuries-old olive trees and other endemic plants soften the architecture. Added to the warm wood and stone finishes of the villa, these green spaces create a balance with the concrete volume. 

This timeless and simple architecture is a beautiful tribute to minimalism.