Eole Mansion


Eole Mansion

Eole is located in the desert on the shores of the Red Sea. The entire architectural concept is based on the principles of vernacular architecture and channeling winds. The proportions of the building were designed to work with the specificities of the local climate and the site. 

Localisation : Middle East

Projet Type : Construction

Area : 2000 m2

Land : 5 acres

A monolithic structure was created to shield an oasis at its heart and frame the breathtaking views of the desert and sea.

Made up of four main elements, the building resembles a boulder, cracked and eroded by winds and water, with a central green oasis. The ingenious contemporary design based on the venturi effect channels the desert winds through kinetic wall panels as well as the paths formed by a five-building arrangement to redistribute the airflow and naturally refresh the structure.

Eole is designed to seamlessly blend in with its environment through its pared-down form, finishes and discreet colour palette. It is a perfect architectural example of how technology can be harnessed to create an energy efficient project.