Dinnes Shop


Dinnes Shop

Dinnes is a luxury clothing and accessories boutique in Vienna, situated opposite the famous Korb Café on Tuchlauben Street. The modernization project led by our teams has given the city a modern and elegant concept store that breathes new life into the Belle Epoque style which is typical of the capital. 

Localisation : Vienna – Austria

Type of Project: Renovation

Area : 150 sqm

The eye-catching statement window and white Corian quartz and brass arched door invite shoppers into the 150 sqm space, but it is in the sophisticated cave-like basement that the experience really begins. Curved lines of wood, brass, and onyx intertwine against a white backdrop, creating a refined, feminine atmosphere. Upstairs, the three-tone smoked and brushed herringbone wooden floor, creates a visual impact that mirrors the traditional architectural codes of Vienna.  

An entire line of bespoke furniture was developed for the boutique in order to create an intimate, offbeat boudoir feel.