Yula Island


Yula Island Eco-resort

Yula is a desert island situated in the Red Sea, in the Middle East, with a wealth of breathtaking ocean landscapes. The Yula Island Neom Bay project is a luxury eco resort inspired by the Nabataean culture and surrounding nature. 

Localisation : Middle East

Projet Type : Conception of a 5 star eco-resort

Area : 16000 sqm

Land : 600.000 sqm

The architectural concept is designed to adapt to the environment and transform this arid island into an abundant and welcoming reserve. A large, futuristic canopy designed by our teams covers part of the island, creating an intelligent ecosystem with condensation that naturally regulates and reduces temperatures and under which fauna and flora will thrive. 

In accordance with the principles of preservation and sustainable agriculture, this plant-based biological ecosystem incorporates cutting-edge technologies and visionary design.

For residents and travelers alike, the resort caters to those who dream of escaping everyday life by combining adventure with exceptional comfort and entertainment. The Nabataean heritage and culture lives on in this establishment designed to create extraordinary life experiences.