Eco-desert Hotel


Eco-desert Hotel

In the Middle East, the eco-desert hotel blends seamlessly into the landscape amid 265 acres of vast sculptural rocks near the ancient Nabataean site of Al’Ula. A winding road leads to the hotel itself located high in the dunes, with the reception area nestled at the heart of the central rock. 

Localisation : Middle East

Projet Type : Construction of an eco-resort Hotel

Area : 24000 sqm

Land : 265 acres

The project was designed around bioclimatic principles with the extreme climatic conditions of the area used as a source of inspiration.

Close attention was paid to orientation, natural ventilation, and solar protection to promote natural air conditioning and reduce the need for mechanized air conditioning and heating

The architectural concept stands as a continuation of the rocky landscape environment.  Designed as a self-sufficient resort built to meet the requirements of LEED ecological certification, we prioritized passive architecture at each stage of the creative process, using the rammed earth technique and raw earth as well as the surrounding rocks. The vernacular design ensures its perfect integration into the landscape and an all-encompassing connection to nature, reflected in the impressive feat of achieving self-sufficiency for a hotel in the middle of the Al’Ula desert. It is in this landscape made of canyons, mesas, ridges and gorges that the contemporary suites of Janu appear like scattered rocks following the winding path of the dunes. It is an inspiring journey into one of the most spectacular remote settings in the world.