Villa Up


Villa Up

Villa Up is a contemporary villa that sits on a hillside overlooking the bay of Cannes, in France. Built on two floors, the South facing L-shaped property is cleverly nestled into a slope, sheltering it from the view of neighboring properties. 

Localisation : Cannes – France

Projet Type : Construction

Area: 560 sqm

Land : 5000 sqm

It is made from a series of monolithic blocks that are at times cantilevered, extended with caps, or encircled with fully retractable windows and terraced with vegetation. We leveraged these architectural techniques to tame the light, enhance the views, and interact with the landscape, giving a sense of weightlessness to the building. The entire project is a tribute to transparency and light. 

The line between inside and outside is erased by numerous openings and high-tech windows, with invisible metal frames.

The minimalist window panels slide entirely into the walls to transform the rooms into open terraces. The balcony railings are also made of glass to maximize the views, and the all-glass hood of the fireplace, glass staircase and skylights and window slits dotted round the property are a final eulogy to transparency.