Apartment Gabriel


Apartment Gabriel

In this Parisian project Caprini & Pellerin completely redesigned a classic Haussmannian apartment in Paris, introducing a softer style inspired by the seventies. Much of the apartment’s original architectural influences was recomposed by adding a theme of arches, alcoves, curved partitions, and barrel vaultings.

Localisation : Cannes – France

Projet Type : Renovation

Area : 150 sqm


A soothing palette of beige travertine plinths and mineral renders run throughout, and while the colors used are subdued, the use of oak, walnut and bronze features add an extra feeling of warmth.

Much of the furnishings were custom made and are mixed with contemporary classics and mid-century pieces. A skillful interplay of materials and lighting contributes to enhancing the textures of the materials used throughout. Each of our choices was guided by a quest for a sense of tranquility and calm, leading us to noble, natural materials, neutral hues, sober lines, and careful attention to detail.