Hotel du Midi


Midi Hotel

Located by the sea, along the Boulevard of the Midi in Cannes, this new premium hotel complex includes 235 rooms, 3000 sqm of SPA and thalasso facilities and a 2000 sqm modular seminar space. The project has a total floor area of 23000 sqm and 6000 sqm of parking.

Localisation : Cannes – France

Project Type : Creation of a 4 star spa hotel

Area : 23000 sqm

Land : 11317 sqm

Its organic aesthetic is inspired by local vegetation, the red rocks of the Esterel and naval architecture. The shape of the building is reminiscent of the foam of the sea on the sand.

We have orchestrated the structure of the building so the higher you go, the more the terraces are set back from each other. This lightens the building’s silhouette and ensures sea views from all the rooms. The hotel is built around a central garden with views onto the bay of Cannes which enhances the reception area, lobby, restaurants and spa by minimizing noise from the road and leaving only sea views.

This garden, which runs right up to the road, is a haven of greenery that showcases the responsible and environmentally friendly approach behind the project. We placed particular emphasis on the HQE standard to encourage sustainable and high-quality practices throughout the project’s life cycle.